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Anti-Obama Concert Canceled in Charlotte

'Rock the Red,' a concert in opposition to the Democratic National Convention in Charlotte, has been canceled, reports

Rock the Red was to feature country singers Travis Tritt, Charlie Daniels, and Lee Brice.

Kimberly Meesters, director of marketing for the Charlotte Regional Visitors Authority, said: “They didn’t meet their financial obligations by the deadline we require.”

The Rock the Red organization is blaming the Charlotte Regional Visitors Authority for a lack of promotional support that suppsoedly kept ticket sales slow.

However, Meesters said their contract “does not call for us to manage the marketing of the event.”

The Rock the Red committee then attacked Charlotte on their web site: "Rock the Red wishes to honor our donors supporters by hosting an event at a different venue. We pray that with such little time and notice we will be able to accomplish this. We REFUSE to be bullied by the liberal city of Charlotte and their counterparts. We ask for your support, and help. Please join us, and we will keep you informed."


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