Anti-Muslim, Anti-Obama Booth at Family Fair Sparks Outrage (Video)


An anti-Islam group, ACT! Memphis, recently set up a booth at a family fair in Bartlett, Tenn. that included a poster with a picture of the 9/11 terrorist attack next to a picture of President Obama.

Several people, including a Muslim woman, found the booth offensive and contacted Channel 5 (video below).

ACT! Memphis claims to be a non-partisan group that is trying to raise awareness about Islamic terrorism, but refused to speak to Channel 5 because the news segment was not a live interview.

Instead, ACT! Memphis responded on their website, where they asked if the "woman" who was offended by the booth was also "offended" about various anti-Islamic scenarios:

Was she offended when a HAMAS Intelligence officer was found living in Collierville and deported?

Was she offended when the president of the Muslim Student Association at the Univ of Memphis declared the MSA was a regular donor to the Holy Land Foundation, which was convicted in a federal trial in Dallas, TX of funding a terrorist organization?

Is she offended that the mortgage of a Memphis mosque is held by a front organization of the Iranian government that had its assets seized by the federal government?

Was she offended when an Islamic school in Memphis announced that they hired a consultant who was listed in a secret Muslim Brotherhood document that was seized as evidence by federal agents?

The City of Bartlett, which runs the festival, declined to comment on the booth.

Act! for America was founded by anti-Islamist activist Brigitte Gabriel, who has often attacked President Obama and slammed Muslims, notes The Daily Caller. Gabriel has also been one of the leading voices to ban non-existent "Sharia Law" across the U.S.

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