Anti-Immigrant Protester Calls Police 'Domestic Terrorists' (Video)


Anti-immigrant protesters blocked buses carrying undocumented immigrants (mostly kids), who were supposed to be processed at the U.S. Border Patrol station in Murrieta, California, on July 1.

According to NBC News, the anti-immigrant bus protest was organized by a woman named Patrice Lynes. reports Lynes previously supported the anti-immigrant Conservative Exodus Project (2007), coordinated a protest against the building of a Mosque in Temecula, California (2010) and opposed the United Nation's Agenda 21 (2012), a target of conspiracy buffs.

The protests against the immigrant buses (which did not return) continued on July 4 in Murrieta, and included right wing Internet radio host Pete Santilli who broadcasted live (video below). reports that Santilli accused local police officers of being "domestic terrorists."

"I'm here for a peaceful protest," Santilli told one police officer. "What you guys are creating is a violent scenario."

However, Santilli's own video does not show the police doing anything violent.

"Are you guys domestic terrorists now?" Santilli later asks the police. "Seriously, are you guys practicing, you guys are terrorizing the public! I'm terrorized! This is terrorism!

"I'm afraid of my life here because they're going to deliver a bus here with a bunch of anarchists," Santilli later screamed through a bullhorn. "And create a volatile situation on the Fourth of July! That’s an incitement!

"You want to send a bus to us right in front of the media so Obama can publicly display what happens to people who stop buses with infected immigrants!" Santilli yelled. "Obama wants to send a message and you’re helping to facilitate it!”

A much calmer Santilli later told the local media (video below) that it was his "patriotic duty" to protest and added, "I'm actually in fear of my life at this point."

He added, "The police actually stood down and let the people express their will."

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