Anti-Gay VA Candidate E. W. Jackson Is Lying About Having a Rough Childhood, Childhood Friends Say

Fundamentalist Christian and anti-LGBT pastor E. W. Jackson is running for lieutenant governor of Viriginia, but his childhood friends tell the Washington Post that his tales of a life in poverty and hardship are false.

Jackson has told constituents stories about being hungry and deprived at his Chester, Pa., foster home. He said they often went without dinner or survived on mayonnaise sandwiches. He claimed there was no indoor bathroom facility and because he was the youngest, “I brought down the pot,” he said.

During the final weeks of Jackson’s campaign, another child who lived under than same roof with Jackson wants to know, “What house was he in?”

Nadine Molet, the adopted daughter of Willie and Rebecca Molet, said Jackson is painting a very different picture from the life they had in the Molet household.

“I never remember missing a meal,” she said. “We always had fatback, cornbread, pancakes. We always took a lot of food to church.”

A woman who lived next door to the children and often babysat for them said they always had food and a bathroom, just like in her unit.

“They didn’t want for anything,” said former neighbor Leola Brown.

“We had a china closet with real china in it,” said Molet, recalling the special meals the family had on Sundays. “The white people [foster mother Rebecca Molet] worked for gave it to us. That’s why I don’t know what he was talking about.”

Jackson’s campaign spokesman, Brian Marriot told The Post on Thursday that everything Jackson says about his childhood is true.

Jackson’s campaign has been plagued with claims of mismanagement, accounting problems, and staffing issues, Raw Story reported. He also reframed many controversial statements he formerly made about parental sin being the cause of birth defects, about yoga leading to Satanism, and about the harm “radical gay activists” do to our culture.

Sources: Raw Story, Washington Post


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