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Anti-Gay Marriage Protesters Claim They Are Not Against Gay People (Video)

Katie Yoder of the Media Research Center, a conservative group, interviewed several anti-gay marriage protesters who were participating in the 'March for Marriage' in Washington D.C. as the U.S. Supreme Court heard a possible landmark case on gay marriage (video below).

All of the anti-gay attendees who were interviewed said they did not hate gays, but do oppose gay marriage. Some said they loved the sinner, but hated the sin. Others said they had relatives, friends and neighbors who were gay, but still opposed them getting married.

The second person being interviewed on the video was holding this sign (pictured), which said: "Same Sex Marriage + Liberal Media +  Obama = Axis of Evil," reports

During her interview, she said: "Oh absolutely not. No, no. But all the signs that you see saying 'equality' they are equal before God, it's just that they are choosing an immoral lifestyle."

Source: and Media Research Center


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