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Anti-Gay John McCain Hires Gay Man, Mark Buse, to Run Campaign

John McCain -- who more often than not is on the "no" side of gay issues -- has hired a gay man to run his reelection campaign. Mark Buse used to be McCain's chief-of-staff, moving up through the ranks after starting as an intern.

Buse was outed during the 2008 presidential campaign, causing some consternation for McCain and his conservative backers. Those who outed him felt it was justified, since he was working for someone who is not a friend of homosexuals.

But now he's back, and gay advocates are still angry that he is working for McCain. A gay-oriented blog called Joe.My.God. writes:

And now we have a gay man running the campaign of a politician who has opposed federal LGBT rights at every turn, admittedly with a softer voice than most, couching most of his objections in murky language about "states rights." McCain voted YES on DOMA (Defense of Marriage Act), NO on hates crimes protections, and NO on ENDA (Employment Non-Discrimination Act). He's stated opposition to gay adoption and he supported Prop 8. And let's not forget his loud endorsement of Arizona's racist immigration law.

McCain is also against gays in the military and repealing "Don't Ask Don't Tell." Just this weekend he said:

"The people that I talk to and know, Veterans of Foreign Wars, American Legion, have both come out strongly against the repeal, and certainly even more strongly against a process that would preemptively address an issue which, could, could, I emphasize could – we haven’t done the study – could adversely affect the morale and battle effectiveness of the United States military, the by far and head and shoulders above and better than any other in the world today."

Is Mark Buse betraying fellow homosexuals by accepting this job, by helping someone who has never helped gays? Or as they say "politics makes strange bedfellows," and Buse is just a politician himself, taking a very good job with one of the highest profile senators in the nation -- a position he would be stupid to turn down? We want to know your thoughts.


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