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Anti-Abortion Groups Boycotting Girl Scout Cookies For Honoring Sen. Wendy Davis

Anti-abortion groups in Texas are boycotting the Girl Scouts ahead of their national cookie weekend because the Scouts listed Sen. Wendy Davis, D-Texas, as a woman who should be honored for her accomplishments in 2013.

Girl Scouts spokeswoman Kelly Parisi said Tuesday that the organization doesn’t endorse politicians or take political stances.

"We think it is appropriate for us to encourage conversation about what makes a female leader," Parisi said.

The organizer of CookieCott 2014, John Pisciotta, director of Pro-Life Waco, says there is only one thing the Scouts could be honoring Davis for.

“There’s no way to add a something else for Wendy Davis,” he told KRIS-TV, “because in 2013, the one thing she did and her claim to fame was having an 11-hour filibusters against a bill that would restrict abortion down to no more than 20 weeks.”

"It's very clear that they are not citing any pro-life leaders with any praise, even though their official stand is they are not taking any position on abortion," he said.

Pisciotta created a website for CookieCott, where people can print a flier and protest at cookie stands across the country.

He organized a similar cookie boycott in 2004 after the Waco Girl Scouts council recognized the achievements of a local Planned Parenthood leader.

That year the Waco council had the best year for cookie sales ever, said Girl Scouts of Central Texas spokeswoman Lucia Weinmeister.

"It does fire up people who are against what we do, or what they think we do," she said. "It also fires up our strongest supporters."

The main priority for Girl Scouts is the safety of their scouts. They provided girls with a flier of their own, in the event that they receive one of the CookieCott fliers, explaining that 100 percent of the cookie sales goes to the troop to fund activities, not politics.



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