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Anti-Abortion Carolers Ask: ‘Would Planned Parenthood Have Aborted Jesus?’

A Chicago anti-abortion group oragnizing its 11th annual “Empty Manger Christmas Caroling Day” is asking "Would Planned Parenthood have aborted Jesus?"

On Saturday, the Pro-Life Action Fund will sing songs around an empty manger, traveling throughout the city to visit abortion clinics.

The group says it wants to “touch the mothers arriving at these clinics intending to abort their babies.”

“What would Christmas be without the Baby Jesus? What will Christmas be like this year in all those homes with missing babies?” the group asked in a press release.

"It has happened before," said Executive Director of the Pro-Life Action League Eric Scheidler. "We were singing 'Silent Night' outside of a Chicago abortion clinic when a young woman came out, approached one of our carolers, and said that our singing made her think about Mary and Baby Jesus and she just couldn't go through with her abortion."

"The empty manger has been a symbol of hope through the centuries, placed in the Christmas crèche in anticipation of the birth of the Christ child celebrated at Christmas," Scheidler said.

Similar events have been held during the holidays in other states. According to ThinkProgress, the protest gathers the biggest crowd outside of Planned Parenthood, which provides pap exams, contraceptives, abortions, and breast cancer screenings to more than 65,000 women each year.

The Supreme Court is expected to hear a case next year on whether women’s health clinics should have “buffer zones” to protect patients from protesters.

“We believe sidewalk counseling is the most important pro-life work God has given us to do,” says the Pro-Life Action Fund website. “Praying outside abortion clinics is the first step in becoming directly involved fighting abortion.”

Sources: ThinkProgress, Huffington Post


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