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Anthony Weiner Proposes to Put Cameras on Cops

New York City Mayoral hopeful, Anthony Weiner, or perhaps more commonly known as ‘Carlos Danger,’ has proposed some rather interesting ideas for city laws. It is unclear, however, if any of these ideas will be given serious consideration after the campaign scandals that have clouded the Weiner campaign.

One of the more controversial and dramatic proposals is his suggestion to equip beat police officers with video cameras. This, Weiner argues, serves as protection both for and against police officers.

It protects civilians from police brutality and police from false accusations. Weiner points to the success of the law implemented in Rialto, California where use of force dropped by 60% and complaints against officers dropped by 88% when only half the officers were wearing cameras. On the opposing side, however, video coverage may compromise police operations; it may prove expensive, or inconvenient. Furthermore, civilians may find this surveillance an undue obtrusion into their personal privacy.

The proposal has attracted some attention not only for its unconventionality but also for its irony. Of all people to propose greater surveillance and to fend off public concerns over personal privacy, it is highly ironic that Anthony Weiner should be that man. Not to mention Mr. Weiner’s experience with cameras and ‘photography.’

Weiner proposed other interesting laws in a pamphlet entitled, “Keys to the City,” and a subsequent pamphlet, “Even More Keys to the City.” Weiner suggested removing the income tax from those receiving an income of less than $40,000 a year. He also recommends freeing up 100,000 more parking spaces by decreasing the non parking space around fire hydrants from 15 feet to ten.

Sources: New York Magazine


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