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Anthony Weiner Checks Cell Phone During Mayoral Debate

Anthony Weiner was caught checking his cell phone during a mayoral debate on Wednesday in New York City.

There is no evidence that he was doing anything improper, this time, but it didn't look good in front of voters, many of whom have pulled their support, notes the Daily Mail.

While the New York City Mayoral Candidates Forum took place at a local restaurant, Weiner seemed distracted by the very same device he used to call and text with 22-year-old Sydney Leathers.

Weiner's campaign further imploded this week with Leathers humiliating him on the Howard Stern show, a former campaign intern writing a tell-all article for the New York Daily News and his spokeswoman Barbara Morgan publicly cursing the intern.

Weiner was also asked about his sexting handle "Carlos Danger" by Univision’s Satcha Pretto.

The controversial mayoral candidate said the handle was "a joke between [him] and one person [likely Leathers]."

Mayoral rival Rev. Erick Salgado claimed that the name "Carlos Danger" was disparaging to Latinos and called on Weiner to apologize, notes Fox News.

Source: Daily Mail and Fox News


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