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Anonymous Takes Down Israeli Gov. Websites, Leaks Information on 5,000 Officials

The online hactivist group Anonymous claims to have taken down dozens of Israeli government websites in protest over the recent Israeli air assaults on Gaza.

Anonymous said their operation 'OpIsrael' had either damaged or completely erased the sites of more than 650 private and public institutions, which included the Bank of Jerusalem, reports AFP.

The group tweeted on Saturday: “Bank of Jerusalem database has been deleted."

Anonymous also downed Israel''s foreign ministry website in protest over an alleged Israeli threat to cut the Gaza Strip’s Internet communications.

The hacktivists used their site to address a message to the Israeli government and link to a page with names, ID numbers and personal emails of 5,000 Israeli officials.

Israel's finance minister acknowledged the attacks, saying the Israeli government is now waging a war on a “second front.”


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