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Anne Hathaway Joins Occupy Wall Street Protest

Anne Hathaway was among the crowd that gathered at Union Square for an Occupy Wall Street demonstration.

Activists campaigning against corporate greed staged a high-profile march on Thursday to mark the movement’s two-month anniversary and the actress was spotted among the hundreds who descended upon Manhattan’s Union Square to demand change.

A photo of Hathaway dressed in a hooded raincoat and sunglasses was posted on Twitter by a fellow protester, who wrote, “Anne Hathaway supports students! Love!”

Another fan told E News, “I did not approach her but it was clearly her. Other folks near me recognized her too but were very respectful.”

Susan Sarandon, Naomi Klein, and Michael Moore are among the high-profile figures who have spent time at Occupy Wall Street protests in New York since the movement began in September.


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