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Anna Fermanova, Another Sexy Alleged Russian "Spy," Nabbed

Anna Chapman may have been deported to Russia after being caught spying, but another sexy vixen has apparently taken her place in these Cold War games. Anna Fermanova, 24, was arrested in Texas for allegedly trying to smuggle weaponry to Russia.

Fermanova was stopped at Kennedy Airport in New York in March while trying to board a plane to Russia carrying three state-of-the-art night-vision sights. She was allowed to leave the country without the scopes, but was promptly arrested when she returned earlier this month.

She is charged with attempting to export the devices, which are considered U.S. munitions. Special approval from the State Department is needed to transport such devices. Fermanova did not have such permission.

She admitted to removing identifying markers from the scopes and blacking out serial numbers with a marker, according to prosecutors.

Fermanova, who was born in Latvia and raised in Plano, Texas, called the allegations "hilarious and over dramatized."

"I am a US citizen, I grew up in America, I am not a spy — that is just funny," she told the New York Post. "I am freaking out right now."

Her lawyer, Scott Palmer, said that there was no espionage involved -- that Fermanova’s husband planned to resell the scopes to big-game hunters, according to the web site The Smoking Gun.

She will soon be brought from Texas to New York for a hearing on the charges.


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