Ann Coulter's Newest Column Blames Third-World Immigrants For Obamacare


Conservative media icon Ann Coulter has posted a column on her website heavily criticizing the Obama administration’s decision to allow former felons and immigrants to become “navigators” for the health care law, or officials that help guide individuals through the application process and with other stipulations of the law. 

In her column, Coulter takes her usual shots at exaggerating the truth in order to simultaneously appear witty and criticize the role of big government. “Maybe it’s a blessing that the Obamacare website has crashed more often than the Soviet Union’s commercial air fleet did,” she writes.

She also writes the following: “In addition to convicted felons, navigators are drawn from labor unions, community organizers, former ACORN staffers and groups for the Democratic National Committee. Call right up and give all your private financial and medical information to those guys! what could go wrong,” as if giving your information to someone that was once in a labor union, a community organizer or any of the other things she listed immediately makes them a dangerous, untrustworthy individual. 

The rest of the article continues to almost nonsensically criticize the American government’s decision to allow Nigerian immigrants to enter the country and then work, presumably as navigators, with lines like “the country is now chock-full of people who come from cultures where criminality and government corruption is a way of life -- at the very moment that the country is expanding a government-run health insurance program already shot through with fraud and abuse.” 

At times, Coulter’s column does sound incredibly racist and anti-immigration: “Of course, Obamacare never would have passed without decades of massive immigration from the Third World ... In order to pass Obamacare, Democrats had to bring in the Third World to vote Democratic.”

To refute Coulter’s statements, the Huffington Post released an article entitled “Ann Coulter: Still Racist,” which included facts pulled from a study that found “Crime rates are lower among immigrants than the native born” and “crime rates rise among second-generation immigrants to levels comparable to the native born.”


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