Ann Coulter Turns Healthcare Debate Into Sodomy, Gay Marriage and Single Mother Tirade


It's been awhile since Ann Coulter shared some of her extremely conservative, and mostly ignorant, opinions on national television. But worry not America, she is back and more confusing than ever.

Coulter went on "Geraldo at Large" to debate New York City Mayor Michael Bloomberg's public health initiatives. She debated with MeMe Roth, an anti-obesity advocate. When they started discussing the city's indoor smoking ban and the mayor's proposal to keep cigarettes hidden from view at storefronts, Coulter quickly changed the topic into an argument against gay people and single mothers.

One of the highlights included Coulter saying we should ban "gay bathhouses because AIDS is very expensive," and she's "paying for it" so "how about discouraging that behavior."

She fired back at the smoking initiatives by saying, "If your argument is 'Smoking: we all have to pay,' then why not 'Sodomy: we all have to pay.'"

Host Geraldo Rivera agreed with Coulter that AIDS is a "gay problem," and tried to redirect the conversation to smoking bans. 

Though many would expect Coulter to make the most shocking statements, Roth was surprisingly not too far behind, as she said racial profiling in the "Stop and Frisk" policy was necessary.

"I think profiling is necessary. That's the times we live in," she said.



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