Ann Coulter Slams Trump For Straying From Promises (Photos)

Ann Coulter Slams Trump For Straying From Promises (Photos) Promo Image

Ann Coulter blasted President Donald Trump after he delivered a speech on tax reform in Springfield, Missouri.

In a string of tweets on Aug. 30, the famous conservative pundit accused Trump of straying from the policy themes that got him elected, reports the Daily Mail.

"WTF! Why is [Trump] back to tax cuts?" she rhetorically asked in one Twitter post. "His election was NOT about tax cuts."

In another tweet, she compared Trump to a zombie movie. "It's like Night of the Living Dead watching our beloved [Trump] go to DC & start babbling the same old GOP nonsense on tax cuts," she wrote.

During the 2016 presidential campaign, Coulter was an enthusiastic backer of Trump, and even managed to crank out a book called "In Trump We Trust."

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During her Twitter outburst, she summarized the Trump campaign promises which so appealed to her: "Tax cuts are a (second) term issue. 1st term: BUILD THE WALL, End DACA, Deport Illegals, No Refugees, No Muslims, Immigrn Moratorium. SAVE USA!"

It's not the first time she has rebuked Trump for not adhering to the agenda promised in his campaign.  

"The millions of people who haven't voted for 30 years and came out to vote for Trump, thinking, 'Finally, here's somebody who cares about us' -- Nope!" she said during an interview with The Daily Beast shortly after the president's chief adviser, Steve Bannon, was fired.

Regarding Trump's tax reform speech in particular, she tweeted: "Oh stop pretending this is about letting 'families' keep more of their money. HALF OF AMERICANS DON'T PAY TAXES! This is for Wall Street."

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Coulter is no stranger to controversial tweets.

On June 6, she managed to offend the New York Police Department with one of her Twitter posts, as reported by the New York Daily News.

"Paris police very macho, unlike the little girls on NYPD: Only 2 shots fired, one hit the Muslim in the thorax," she tweeted at the time.

Her comment was in reference to the incident in Paris earlier in the day, when French police shot and wounded a man who attacked an officer with a hammer near the Notre Dame Cathedral.

Patrolmen's Benevolent Association President Pat Lynch called Coulter's remarks "as idiotic as they were insulting." He added: "She owes an apology to every NYC police officer who risk their lives daily to protect her."

Roy Richter, the president of the NYPD Captains Endowment Association, also expressed outrage at Coulter's tweet. "There are plenty of conflicted voices out there, but one thing remains true and that is the courage, dedication and bravery of our brothers in blue -- both in Paris and New York City."

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