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Ann Coulter: Rafael Cruz Doesn’t Really Want to Send Obama Back To Kenya, Hillary Does (Video)

Conservative columnist Ann Coulter says Texas Republican Sen. Ted Cruz’s father Rafael Cruz was only kidding when he told a group of Tea Partiers on camera in April that he’d like to send President Barack Obama “back to Kenya, back to Indonesia.”

Coulter appeared on CNN’s “Piers Morgan” Thursday claiming “It’s clearly a joke.”

“I give a lot of speeches, the Kenya references always kill,” she said.

“‘Back to Kenya’ — what does that mean?” Morgan asked.

“It means nothing,” she responded. “It’s a reference to Kenya. People laugh because the birther thing is crazy.”

“He’s not making a joke because he thinks birthism is crazy,” Morgan argued.

“It’s clearly a joke,” Coulter shook her head. “I think it’s a joke, we’ll dispute that, let me move on. Um, you know who brought up the birther thing? … It was Hillary Clinton who first brought up ‘Was he born in Kenya?’”

According to Politico, there is no evidence linking Hillary Clinton or her campaign to birtherism or any statement about the president’s citizenship. 

“And point three,” Coulter added. “JFK’s father was a Nazi sympathizer. Nobody cares what somebody’s father thinks.”

Morgan argued that a joke about sending a black man back to Africa could easily be seen as “offensive.”

“I would think it would be much more offensive for a president’s father to have been a Nazi sympathizer,” Coulter argued. “Why are the rules so different for the Democrats?”

Morgan said John F. Kennedy won’t be the Democratic nominee for president in 2016.

“We’re not talking about something 50 years ago,” Morgan said, “We’re talking about now. Somebody who may be the Republican nominee … [JFK] has been dead for 50 years, he’s irrelevant to this discussion we’re having.”

Coulter believes it’s hypocritical for Democrats to be quick to accuse a Republican’s father of being racist, when John F. Kennedy “is the most worshipped Democratic president in U.S. history.”

Sources: Raw Story, CNN, Politico


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