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Ann Coulter: 'Overweight Girls' Should Not Immigrate To U.S.

Conservative pundit Ann Coulter made news this week when she refused to give a hug to undocumented immigrant and activist Gaby Pacheco.

Coulter was doing an interview on Fusion in a town hall-type setting when Pacheco asked her twice for a hug. However, the author of "Adios, America" turned her down both times (video below).

Coulter poured on her anti-immigrant comments during an email interview about Pacheco with the conservative website

"When I’m in charge of immigration (after our 10 year moratorium), I will not admit overweight girls," Coulter wrote.

Fox News media critic Howard Kurtz praised Coulter for not hugging Pacheco on Wednesday, noted

Kurtz said, "The people on the left love being able to portray Ann Coulter as a cold-hearted creep because she wouldn't do the hug. 'The lowest level of humanity,' one activist tweeted, but the fact is Coulter was smart not to fall into this activist trap."

However, if Coulter is being attacked by activists on the left for not hugging Pacheco, it's not clear how Kurtz's non-hugging advice works.

Coulter spoke to Fox News host Sean Hannity on his radio show today about Pacheco's question, after the hug requests, reports

Okay, the question was just [Pacheco] illustrating that, no, actually she doesn't understand America or the Constitution. She proceeded to inform me that there are two different kinds of speech, one is "free speech" and one is "hate speech." And I engage in hate speech, umm, so you know, shouldn't I stop engaging in hate speech.

And I explained to her the long Anglo-Saxon tradition of free speech and the idea that in the whirlwind and competition of ideas, the truth will emerge and how we’re going to be losing this to more cultures we bring in who think there are two different categories here: "There's speech I like, and you can say that, but there is speech I don't like and you can't say that."

Image Credit: Fusion Screenshot


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