Conservative commentator Ann Coulter recently called Latinos a lazy underclass in a political column titled 'America Reaches El Tipping Pointo.'

Coulter blamed Latinos for the nation’s problems and Mitt Romney’s recent loss. She also ranted how the immigration of "Mexico’s underclass" and the "poorest of the world’s poor" has changed the U.S. political landscape, reports the Daily Mail.

Coulter wrote: "Perhaps the reason elections maven Michael Barone was so shockingly off in his election prediction this year was that… Barone has been assuring us for years that most of these Third World immigrants pouring into the country would go the way of Italian immigrants and become Republicans. They're hardworking, they have family values. Maybe at first, but not after coming here, having illegitimate children and going on welfare."

Roque Planas, of's Latino Voice section, cited the Center on Budget and Policy Priorities, which claims that Latinos made up 16 percent of the population in 2010, but received just 12 percent of government benefits.

The Arizona Lincoln Republicans, a pro-immigration group in Arizona, also slammed Coulter: "If Abe Lincoln or Ronald Reagan could read your latest column, they would turn over in their graves. You obviously know nothing about the Latino vote, and your repeated and shrill rhetoric against Latinos are a major reason that so many conservative Latinos hold their nose and vote Democrat."

‘You conveniently never mention in your columns that the GOP was competitive in California until the harsh rhetoric surrounding proposition 187 caused Latinos to leave the GOP in droves. Since proposition 187, the GOP has not been competitive in statewide races. This phenomenon has followed the rhetoric and spread from California to the rest of the nation. The GOP is now often perceived by many Latinos as hostile to Latinos."


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