Angry Donald Trump Supporters Tear Up 'America Is Already Great' Sign (Video)


Supporters of Republican presidential candidate Donald Trump tore up signs that read "America Is Already Great" and "God Bless President Obama" during a rally on Jan. 4 in Lowell, Massachusetts (video below).

The two men holding the signs sat quietly while Trump fans yelled: “Shut your mouth!” and "Ditch them!" notes the Boston Globe.

Suddenly, a man sitting in front of the signs tore up the one that said "America Is Already Great." More Trump supporters soon started tearing at the men's signs.

After the men's property was destroyed, they were escorted out of the rally by police.

The man holding the "America Is Already Great" sign was Kiernan Majerus-Collins, a student at Bates College in Lewiston, Maine.

"There were a lot of angry people in the room … but they were mostly peaceful, they respected our right to be there," Majerus-Collins told the Hartford Courant.

Majerus-Collins said he and his friends left because "we were not interested in having a problem with the police."

The Trump campaign and the Lowell Police Department had not yet responded to questions from the media.

Sources: Boston Globe, Hartford Courant / Photo credit: Harrison Walsh/YouTube Screenshot

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