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Donald Trump Supporter: All Politicians Lie Except Trump (Video)

Susan DeLemus, a supporter of Republican presidential candidate Donald Trump, recently told CNN that President Barack Obama, other people in power, pundits and experts are lying, but the GOP front-runner is not (video below).

During a group discussion with other voters and a CNN host, DeLemus said she never followed politics before supporting Trump, notes RawStory:

"We've got people in positions of power who I know for a fact are liars, liars! I watch the TV, my president comes on the TV and he lies to me! I know he's lying. He lies all the time. I don't believe anyone of them, not one.

"I believe Donald. I'm telling you, he says what I'm thinking. Never been involved in politics, never had an interest in any of it, now, suddenly, he is resonating.

"He is resonating with the people, and he speaking our minds, our minds. When the pundits and the experts, and all the people who are supposed to be in the-know, and know all this stuff, and they're so great, I know some of them, maybe not all, some of them, are lying to me, straight to my face and I am so sick of it."

Trump's statements about thousands of Muslims celebrating in New Jersey after the 9/11 terrorist attacks have been debunked by The New York Times and CNN.

The Wrap debunked Trump's insistence that his "Celebrity Apprentice" reality TV show was the top-rated television show.

PolitiFact has noted numerous instances in which Trump has repeatedly made "half true," "mostly false," "false" and "pants on fire" statements.

Sources: RawStory, The New York Times, CNN, The Wrap, PolitiFact / Photo credit: CNN Screenshot

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