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Angry Anti-Vaxxer California Parents Slam School Vaccination Bill (Video)

California's Senate Education Committee has delayed a vote on a bill, SB277, that would end personal and religious belief exemptions that parents presently use to keep their kids from getting vaccinated, but still allow unvaccinated children to attend school.

SB277 would require kids to be vaccinated if they want to attend public and private schools.

SB277 would also allow a medical exemption from vaccinations, and homeschooled kids would not have to get vaccinations, reports CBS San Francisco.

According to Courthouse News, a group of "hostile parents," who oppose SB277, told the committee on Wednesday that they would take their children out of public schools and homeschool them, if SB227 becomes law (video below).

Parents with children, pregnant women and other citizens waited for hours to speak at the public hearing; some cited long-debunked claims about vaccines causing autism.

"You gave me a choice to abort, give me the choice to vaccinate!" one woman yelled at the committee.

Democrat state Sen. Richard Pan of California, who wrote SB277, has gotten death threats and online messages that compared him to Adolf Hitler, noted the Associated Press. In response to the threats, Pan now has additional security.

Pan told the committee that his bill would help rid the Golden State of diseases such as measles and mumps. He added that California is below the 92 percent vaccination rate that is needed for herd immunity.

However, Pan is willing to clarify his bill, which already has support from "doctors, hospitals, teachers, public health officials, local governments and unions," reports the Associated Press.

Sources: Courthouse News, Associated Press, CBS San Francisco
Image Credit: Courage Sowers Screenshot


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