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Angelina Jolie Subtly Criticizes Trump In UN Speech

During a speech delivered to the United Nations in Geneva, Switzerland, on March 15, Angelina Jolie defended the United Nations while making subtle jabs at President Donald Trump.

Calling herself a "proud American" but also an "internationalist," Jolie also referred to politicians elected "partly on the basis of dismissing international institutions and agreements," reports The Associated Press.

She also condemned the "rising tide of nationalism masquerading as populism, and the re-emergence of policies encouraging fear and hatred of others."

While she did not directly refer to Trump, she also addressed his administration's desire to cut funding to the United Nations.

"We have to recognize the damage we do when we undermine the UN, or use it selectively, or not at all, or when we rely on aid to do the job of diplomacy, or give the UN impossible tasks and then underfund it," Jolie said, reports Voice of America.

She elaborated: "Not a single humanitarian appeal to donor governments worldwide has received even half the amount needed."

Jolie admitted that while the United Nations was "imperfect" and reform was necessary, the world should not give up on the institution just yet.

In the past, Jolie spoke at a ceremony commemorating deceased UN envoy to Iraq, Sergio Vieira de Mello, who died in a 2003 bombing attack -- she used him in her UN speech to make a point.

"[De Mello believed the United Nations should be] more decisive, less bureaucratic, [but] he never said it was pointless and he never threw in the towel," she argued.

Her remarks, while subtle, offended some.

"Angelina= Nobody Cares with what you have to say," wrote one Facebook user on The Right Scoop's page.

"She needs to go live in the 3rd world countries that she loves so much that she wants the US to become one of them," added another.

It's not the first time Jolie criticized Trump's policies.

In January, Jolie wrote a piece for The New York Times arguing against Trump's refugee policy: 

"If we create a tier of second-class refugees, implying Muslims are less worthy of protection, we fuel extremism abroad, and at home we undermine the ideal of diversity cherished by Democrats and Republicans alike: 'America is committed to the world because so much of the world is inside America,' in the words of Ronald Reagan. If we divide people beyond our borders, we divide ourselves."

Sources: AP via USA Today, Voice of America, The Right Scoop/Facebook,The New York Times / Photo credit: World Economic Forum/Flickr

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