Andrew Breitbart's Role in Anthony Weiner Scandal


Even more extraordinary than Rep. Anthony Weiner's news conference on Monday was the scene before it got started, when conservative blogger Andrew Breitbart took to the podium and answered questions from reporters.

Breitbart has played a role in the scandal -- he was the first to report on his website about the initial "crotch shot" tweet. Subsequently some accused him of being the alleged hacker who sent the photo in the first place. We know now that Weiner was the one who sent it.

Then on Monday, Breitbart reported on another woman with whom Weiner had an online relationship. The woman gave Breitbart photos she said Weiner sent her. Breitbart published two of those, including a shirtless photo, but said he has other lewd photos that he held back from running.

All of this led to the scene at Monday's news conference. Breitbart said he happened to be in the area in New York City, and was standing in the back of the room when reporters prompted him to go up and answer their questions.

Here is part of it:


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