Anderson Cooper Confronts Donald Trump About His Behavior (Video)

CNN host Anderson Cooper interviewed Republican presidential candidate Donald Trump today about his recent behavior towards his fellow GOPers (video below).

Trump has recently attacked Rick Perry, Republican Sens. Lindsey Graham of South Carolina and John McCain of Arizona.

Trump told Cooper how Graham and Perry had insulted him and were saying "horrible things" about him, and how he had to fight back.

Cooper asked Trump if he thought it was presidential behavior to give out Graham's phone number at a rally, and Trump confirmed it was, notes Mediaite.com.

Trump did agree with Cooper that he (Trump) would change his tone if elected president.

Mediaite.com notes that in the same interview, Trump got upset when Cooper mentioned a poll that was not favorable.

“The people don’t trust you,” Trump told Cooper. "And the people don't trust the media and I understand why."

Trump claimed that he had been treated fairly in the past by the financial media, but said that "60-70 percent of the political media is really, really dishonest."

Sources: Mediaite.com (2) / Photo Credit: CNN Screenshot


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