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Americans United For Life: Abortion Advocates Are “Anti-Science” (Video)

The president of the pro-life advocacy group Americans United for Life (AUL) says people who don’t think that life begins at conception are “anti-science” because the scientific community has “settled” the debate on whether a fetus is a person.

Sitting on a panel at the Southern Baptist Convention this week, AUL president and CEO Charmaine Yoest said the resignation of the president of the National Abortion Rights Action League’s Nancy Keenan is “another reason you know that we’re winning.”

“Fortunately for us, I think that is going to be a vain endeavor for them,” Yoest continued. “Part of the reason … I think a large part of it is because this is the post-sonogram generation.”

Yoest believes the fact that young women support the Right to Life movement is because in most baby books today the first picture of the child is a sonogram.

“You know, they [prochoicers] like to put on that we are all unintellectual and uneducated regardless of where we have gone to college,” Youst said. “But the truth of the matter is they are the ones who are anti-science.”

“This question of when live begins is not up for debate. It is pretty settled. There is no argument among anyone as to when life begins and so they are the ones who are anti-science,” she added.

The Association of Pro-Life Physicians also upholds that there is “tremendous consensus in the scientific community about when life begins.”

Yoest told the “Mike Huckabee Show” in August that the media was showing pro-choice bias in its coverage of Kate Middleton’s pregnancy by referring to the future prince as “the royal baby” rather than “the royal fetus.”

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