When it comes to Miley Cyrus vs. Syria (and possibly World War III), the twerking pop singer wins the attention of most Americans by a landslide.

The website Outbrain.com supplies "related links" modules to 100,000 websites and collects traffic data from every web site in their network.

Outbrain.com claims a reach so vast that on any given day about 87 percent of Americans online are viewing an Outbrain.com module.

According to New York Magazine, recent numbers crunched by Outbrain.com produced some disturbing results about American's priorities:

The day after the VMAs, Miley Cyrus stories accounted for 12 percent of total U.S. page views, while Syria stories accounted for 1 percent.

Interest in the starlet significantly outpaced Syria in England, Australia, France, Germany, and every other nation in Outbrain’s analysis — except Israel and Russia. Globally, Miley Cyrus stories generated eight times as many page views as Syria did in the days surrounding the VMAs.

Two million Syrian refugees have fled the nation. To make the country twelve times more compelling — and thus as compelling as Miley Cyrus’s a-- is to Americans — the conflict only needs to displace 22 million more, i.e., the entire population of Syria.

Source: New York Magazine and Outbrain.com


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