Americans More Interested in Miley Cyrus than Govt. Shutdown


While the U.S. government shutdown continues and the Oct. 17 debt ceiling approaches, most Americans are far more concerned about Miley Cyrus, according to Google search numbers.

More Americans searched for the twerking pop star than the government shutdown or Obamcare over the past 30 days, per Google Trends, reports

Cyrus recently released some almost-nude pictures taken by celeb photographer Terry Richardson, who previously directed Cyrus' almost-nude video "Wrecking Ball," noted Before that Cyrus did her infamous twerking appearance on the VMA awards.

Thanks to the VMAs, Cyrus topped Syria during last month's crisis when it appeared the U.S. was going to bomb the country over the objections of most of the world.

According to New York Magazine, numbers compiled by revealed:

The day after the VMAs, Miley Cyrus stories accounted for 12 percent of total U.S. page views, while Syria stories accounted for 1 percent.

Interest in the starlet significantly outpaced Syria in England, Australia, France, Germany, and every other nation in Outbrain’s analysis — except Israel and Russia. Globally, Miley Cyrus stories generated eight times as many page views as Syria did in the days surrounding the VMAs.

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