Americans Can't Name President Obama's Political Party (Video)


Author and conservative activist Mark Dice recently interviewed people on a pier in San Diego and asked them which political party President Obama belonged to.

Dice appears to be part of the conspiracy mindset per his Twitter description, "I like to cause trouble for the New World Order, Big Brother, and the elite Illuminati scumbags."

He also likes to humiliate people on camera and post the videos on YouTube.

In his latest video (below), Dice did not give people a choice between Republican or Democrat, but asked beach goers, “What political party is President Obama affiliated with?”

Most of the people interviewed did not know.

One man said, "Democrat, no, I think he's Republican. I really don't care."

Another man says, "I don't know, man, " and walks away laughing at Dice.

During one of his interviews, Dice tells one man who thought Obama was a Republican, "[Obama] is an intelligent con man. The average American is a zombie and doesn’t even know what political party he stands for.”

Dice shows some racism when he asks a Hispanic man (two minute mark) the Obama question followed by, "Are you an American citizen? Do you have an illegal green card? You didn't sneak over?"

He later calls the Hispanic man a "zombie."

One woman being interviewed worries, "This is not going to be on the air is it?"

If it serves Mark Dice, it will be, whether you like it or not.

Source: YouTube and Twitter


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