Americans Can't Answer Simple Questions From U.S. Citizenship Test (Video)

While passage of immigration reform continues to be a huge political question, one thing is certain, most Americans cannot pass the U.S. naturalization test that is given to immigrants.

A video (below) from the Immigrant Archive Project features 15 Americans in Miami, Fla. being asked questions from the test.

Those questions included: the name of the Vice President of the United States, the number of U.S. Supreme Court justices and who is in charge of the executive branch, noted ABC News.

When Americans were asked, "Who wrote the Declaration of Independence?" they gave replies such as “Umm, I feel so dumb” and “I should know this.”

"I'm not sure the 15 people we interviewed here in Miami are representative of the nation as a whole, but we were surprised to see only one person pass," Tony Hernandez, co-founder of the Immigrant Archive Project, told ABC News.

Hernandez told The Blaze that it's a “misconception that it’s relatively easy [for immigrants] to get their citizenship.”

“Quite frankly, these questions were probably 10 of the easiest questions you could ask,” added Hernandez. “What we try to do with the project is we just try to get people to understand the immigrant experience in the U.S. There is no quintessentially American story than the immigrants in America, so we’ve tried to capture that.”

To pass the naturalization test, immigrants have to get six out of 10 questions correct. There 100 possible questions are posted online, which immigrants can study for. The pass rate among immigrants is 91 percent.

Sources: ABC News and The Blaze


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