Americans Agree About A Lot More Than You Might Think

Polls show that most American citizens still think alike most of the time even if the nation’s politicians don't. Many issues that are argued over by politicians from different parties have massive public support across the country. For example: According to national polls, seven out of 10 Americans want the minimum wage raised.

A similar number of Americans want term limits for Congress, support using government money to make preschool available to every child and back building the Keystone XL pipeline.

Certainly there are some issues - immigration, abortion and guns to name a few - that people don’t always agree about. However, pollsters say that people’s views on those subjects are firmly entrenched and that public opinion on most issues hasn’t changed much in a quarter-century, ABC News reported.

No matter their differences, there are still more things that Americans agree about than one might think from watching the way that the media portrays things.

According to a list created by using information drawn from the nation's major pollsters, most Americans:

Believe in God

Are very patriotic

Consider preventing terrorism a very important foreign policy goal

Admire those who get rich by working hard

Think society should ensure everyone has equal opportunity to succeed

Think it's important to get more than a high school education

Favor teaching sex education in public schools

Find birth control morally acceptable

Believe cloning humans would be morally wrong

Believe it's wrong for married people to have affairs

Are interested in keeping up with national affairs

Believe it's their duty to always vote

Sources: ABC News, MSN Now


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