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Ted Stevens Dead: America Bids Farewell to Old Friend

Ted Stevens, former senator from Alaska, died in a plane crash late Monday night.

Stevens may be best remembered to most Americans as the architect of the 'bridge to nowhere,' but to Alaska he will be remembered as a hero and a favorite son. Over the years, Stevens has brought billions of dollars to Alaska. Every decision Stevens made was tempered by his love of his home state. Stevens served the great state of Alaska for 40 years, making him one of the longest serving senators in history.

The late senator was no stranger to the perils of the Alaskan wilderness. He survived a 1978 plane crash that claimed his wife, Ann. The Anchorage Airport was later renamed in honor of Stevens.

We must all, Democrats and Republicans alike, say, "So long friend, we are better for having known you."

May Stevens' family, as well as the families of the other 4 passengers killed in that plane crash, find peace, and may they know that the country mourns with them.


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