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Although Abortion Recommended, Mom Gives Birth to 'Miracle'

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One of many reasons why a mother shouldn't
abort her baby with an adverse prenatal diagnosis is so she won't be plagued
with guilt and doubt the rest of her life when viewing heartwarming stories like
the following. Note that abortion was recommended, standard eugenic protocol
these days. Click on link to view video...

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, November 23...

PITTSBURGH --- Thanksgiving has come a little
early for WTAE... anchor Kelly Frey
and her husband, Jason.

After a complicated and difficult pregnancy, Frey gave birth to the couple's
first child in September - a baby boy named Bennett....

[A]t just 2 months old, Bennett is a tough little guy and the whole family is
enjoying the strong grip of his tiny fingers, especially since he wasn't
supposed to be able to hold on at all.... On Aug. 26, Frey shared with viewers the news of her pregnancy and the news
that things weren't going well.

"Tuesday, April 21, was a tough day, roughly 10 o'clock in the morning - a
time we will never forget, the time we first got our terminal diagnosis.
That was hard, very hard. It takes us right back," Frey said.

Doctors diagnosed their son with holoprosencephaly, a severe malformation of
the brain.... "Here we are, we went through that whole time in the pregnancy, all those
months just watching him get bigger on the ultrasound watching him in my tummy.
Little hands, little feet, little heartbeat. It was always hard. But it was
always joyous, too. But when he came out on Sept. 22, whew!" Frey said.... On delivery day, Bennett beat the odds. Not only was he breathing on his own,
he was crying, screaming, letting people know he was alive....

"I was so overwhelmed I was almost scared to touch him at first. Not in
disbelief, but somewhat in disbelief because here is this child that we lived
with the knowledge for all those months, 7 months that he was going to die. And
here he was bundled up and he was alive," said Frey.

And after 7 weeks in the hospital, including 3 serious surgeries, Bennett is
now home with mom and dad.

"His brain had been compressed like a sponge - the cortex, the thinking part,
because of all the fluid. And over the last 7 weeks, with the scan they have
done, they've actually seen the cortex area of his brain expand.... We truly
believe that's why you can see him like this sitting here, cooing, eating, he's
not on a ventilator. He's not on a feeding tube," Frey said. "We've heard
different prognoses and this and that. But then again, even the doctors are
saying, 'We simply don't know to a certain degree of what he's going to be able
to do, because he's already done what he shouldn't be doing."...

Not long before Monday's 5p newscast, Frey told Clark by phone that Bennett
was back at Children's Hospital for more tests because he didn't feel well over
the weekend. She hopes to get him out quickly and back home before


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