All Politicians Lie, But That Doesn't Make it Right

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"Whether you are a Democrat, Independent or a Republican lying is simply wrong. I am sick and tired of politicians who lie and expect us to believe them," said Don Swarthout, President of Christians Reviving America's Values.

Swarthout continued, "I don't know how many times someone has said to me, 'Lying by our elected officials is just the way politics is played.' I am tired of their excuses. I don't care what people try to tell me, lying is not the way politics are supposed to be handled by our Washington, D.C. officials."

President Obama has been caught in lies about transparency. President Bush was caught in lies about weapons of mass destruction. I have seen video where a committee chairman claimed a verbal vote was in favor of a bill, when it was not. Many leaders of our Congress and Senate have made bold statements which are simply not true.

One of our U.S. Congressmen actually defended private meetings about health care by saying that, "Without private conversations between party members no legislation would ever be passed." This tells all Americans how laws are passed. It is done by holding private meetings, to work out deals for votes.

Swarthout said, "We have a right to expect a government based upon the truth and not upon the lies of the devil; and yet the honest politician seems to be a thing of the past."

Our Washington, D.C. politicians are completely out of touch with the rest us. Some of our politicians have decided not to run for re-election, but nearly all of them have been in Washington, D.C. way too long. These men and women are of no earthly value to us.

Maybe we should vote all incumbents out of office for lying and becoming so disconnected. I know there are some good ones who would be sent home. However, with more than 300,000,000 people available in the United States, there must be some good people we could elect to office.

In the following election, We the People, could do it all over again. By electing people to just one term we would never have to look at another liar or disconnected Senator or Congressman for very long.

Swarthout said, "Maybe we can teach Washington, D.C., you reap what you sow!"


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