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Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez Rants About Her Critics While Drinking Wine In Her DC Apartment (Video)


Freshman congresswoman Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez has had enough of her critics. She has been on the receiving end of embarrassing ridicules from hawk-eyed critics constantly publicizing her factually inaccurate statements and insensitive posts. Finally, AOC was fed up, and it was time to push back!

AOC Lectures her Critics

It’s the freshman congresswoman’s style to take the war to social media. While assembling IKEA furniture and sipping on a glass of wine while on Instagram Live, AOC took the liberty of reminding her critics about her noble political intentions and that she’s fundamentally in office to do “the most good each day.”

While that was still soaking in, she went on to rant about her ‘tender' age of 29 and the fact that she is the youngest woman ever to grace the United States Congress. Before one could fact-check with Google, AOC ranted that she was not afraid to blunder publicly as she has adequate time to learn given her young age. The congresswoman wants her critics to correct, acknowledge and move on (in that exact order) from the mistakes she is making.

She said that "at least I'm not trying to cage children at the border and inject them with drugs." The sentiment is in reference to a 2018 lawsuit concerning children of illegal immigrants who were separated from their parents and involuntarily injected with psychotropic drugs to help with their trauma.

Series of Blunders

In her three months in Congress thus far, AOC has fallen flat on her face many times due to her unsubstantiated arguments and sometimes insensitive social media posts. In the wake of the awful New Zealand shooting, Ocasio-Cortez - in reference to New Zealand’s Prime Minister Jacinda Ardern’s remarks mentioning “thoughts and prayers” to the victims of the shooting - tweeted that “thoughts and prayers” were meaningless given the context. The tweet sparked outrage across social media platforms with critics faulting her lack of remorse.

The Novice politician also embarrassed herself while grilling Wells Fargo’s CEO. This session highlighted her unpreparedness as she kept asking questions based on unverified claims which the CEO dodged with utmost ease.

Ocasio-Cortez's favorability score is already taking a hit due to her wild social media rants and utter display of ignorance. A recent poll suggests that while her favorability has climbed from 7% to 31%, her unfavorability rating has surged to 41% from the 26% figure initially recorded in September of last year.

Sources: The Blaze, The Hill / Photo Credit: The Blaze

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