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Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez Faces Backlash For Admitting Dems' Reason To Impeach Trump


On a weekend report from ABC News, a shocking admission from Ocasio-Cortez’s on her impeachment inquiry tells that she said that it was just the Republicans who were making a big deal out of the impeachment a partisan issue.

ABC News asked: “Congresswoman, I do want to ask you, we had some news that broke earlier today. Your Republican colleagues announced that they intend to call on Hunter Biden as a witness in this impeachment probe. Is he an appropriate witness?”

“No, I don’t think he’s an appropriate witness, and not only that, but I think that the reason they’re calling for these witnesses, these new witnesses, is because they want to make a spectacle and a circus out of this entire proceeding,” she continues.

“They want to distract the American people from the very words that Donald Trump uttered from his mouth in that call with Ukrainian officials trying to extort a foreign government into intervening into the United States elections.”

She concludes with the following statement: “We need to protect the rule of law in the United States of America, and they’re imperiling it by trying to turn this into a sideshow, and it’s undignified and it’s wrong.”

On her last Wednesday’s remark, Ocasio-Cortez’s adds: “What we heard today was astounding and devastating news for the president and anyone in the administration, really partaking. Frankly, this is devastating for the country. Our national security has been compromised, our elections potentially compromised.”

Ken Starr, the former independent counsel, says to Fox News that there is “no hope for impeachment” and “no crime was proven today.”

“And to me, here was something that was very telling: No crime was proven today,” Starr added. “There were a lot terms used, extortion and bribery, but no crime. This is very unlike Nixon and unlike Clinton.”

Sources: The Daily Wire / Photo Credit: Google

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