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'Alaskan' Voter in Koch Brothers' Anti-Obamacare Ad is Maryland Actress Connie Bowman (Video)

Americans for Prosperity is a political action group founded by oil billionaires David H. Koch and Charles Koch, who oppose taxes for the wealthy and Obamacare, which provides a chance for 40 million uninsured Americans to finally get health insurance coverage.

According to, Americans for Prosperity recently ran an attack ad trying to blame Sen. Mark Begich (D-Alaska) and President Obama for health insurance companies that have chosen to cancel some people's policies instead of changing those policies to conform with Obamacare.

The woman in the video (below) pushes the illusion that she's an Alaskan voter, although she doesn't explicitly say that.

"They knew the real truth," she says. "Some are even losing their jobs. For too many of us costs are going way up. Senator Begich didn't listen. How can I ever trust him again? It just isn't fair. Alaska deserves better."

However, the woman is actress Connie Bowman, who lives in Maryland, reports The New York Times.

When contacted by The New York Times, Bowman, stated “I’m just an actress."

"Today's misleading ad from the Koch brothers is just more evidence that even billions of dollars can't buy integrity," Rep. Begich's spokeswoman Rachel Barinbaum told The New York Times.

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