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Alabama State Senator Shadrack McGill Worries Aborted Babies Might go to Hell (Video)

Alabama State Senator Shadrack McGill recently said that he wants the state to pass a “personhood” bill outlawing abortion rights for women because the Bible says that a fetus “is life inside of a mother" and he is worried if “aborted babies” are going to Heaven or Hell.

McGill told the that his interpretation of Psalm 22 in the bible made it clear that life began at fertilization.

“Just based on the Scripture alone, the Psalm that talks about God knowing us before he placed us in our mother’s womb, is enough for me to know that that is a life inside of a mother,” said McGill. “So my question concerning aborted babies is, where do they go, heaven or hell? I just want to know what [people’s] perspective is.”

McGill also weighed in on the science of in vitro-fertilization.

“I sympathize with the folks who have had to go the expensive route of the in-vitro process, and thank God for that knowledge that the doctors possess,” McGill said. “My understanding of that process is they fertilize 10 eggs in a petri dish. Basically they take three of the strongest and insert those into the womb, into the mother, and pray for the best.”

“If the mother conceives, then what do you do with the seven remaining fertilized eggs? That union between the sperm and the egg is where life begins, and maybe where God places his spirit inside that child, so to speak. Therefore, I would hope that the legislation that we push in the future would state that all the eggs fertilized need to be placed in the mother’s womb.”

State Sen. Phil Williams (R) has sponsored “personhood” bills during the last two legislative sessions, but both failed. McGill said he would introduce a "personhood" bill this year if Williams declines.

Another bill, sponsored by Alabama Rep. Mary Sue McClurkin, would require that a registered professional nurse supervise abortion procedures and would also require a doctor to ask the name and age of the father of the unborn child if a woman younger than 16 wants an abortion.

The bill also would create numerous regulations designed to make it difficult for an abortion clinic to operate in Alabama. Similar bills passed in Kansas and Mississippi last year.

McGill appeared earlier this year at Stand for Life Rally in Huntsville, Alabama (video below).



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