Alabama State Sen. Roger Bedford Says Employees Should be Able to Take Guns to Work


Alabama State Sen. Roger Bedford (D-Russellville) is pushing a new bill that would allow employees to take guns to work in order to increase personal safety.

State Sen. Bedford told the Montgomery Advertiser last Friday: "I think it’s necessary so people will have peace of mind when they’re traveling to and from work."

The bill would prevent most employers from barring workers from transporting and storing guns at work. Employees who bring guns to work would be required to keep their guns locked up and out of sight.

The law would not apply to school campuses, and guns wouldn’t be allowed anywhere they are already banned by federal law, reports the Montgomery Advertiser.

A similar bill has been introduced twice before, but failed, even with support from the National Rifle Association.

Bill Canary, President of the  Business Council of Alabama, told the Montgomery Advertiser: “At a time when the business community in all sectors should be focused on creating jobs, we instead are dealing with this unnecessary legislation which erodes the constitutional property rights of businesses. Alabama businesses are already struggling with burdensome regulations that impact productivity and increase costs.”


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