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Alabama Senator: Trump Is "Forceful Advocate For U.S."

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Republican Sen. Jeff Sessions of Alabama supports said the choice between presumptive Republican nominee Donald Trump and Democratic frontrunner Hillary Clinton is a choice between the American dream and the American nightmare.

“For the first time in a long time, this November will give Americans a clear choice on perhaps the most important issue facing our country and our civilization: whether we remain a nation-state that serves its own people, or whether we slide irrevocably toward a soulless globalism that treats humans as interchangeable widgets in the world market,” Sessions wrote in a May 12 USA Today op-ed.

Sessions, a conservative from a conservative state, argued Trump is the better candidate because of his strong opposition to free trade deals like the North American Free Trade Agreement and the Trans-Pacific Partnership, both of which are deals Clinton has continually wavered on.

“In Donald Trump, we have a forceful advocate for America," Session's op-ed said:

Trump has said that our trade, immigration and foreign policies must be changed to protect the interests of American workers and our nation.

In Hillary Clinton, we have a committed globalist. Clinton was an ardent supporter of the Trans-Pacific Partnership — which surrenders American sovereignty to an international union of 12 countries — and has clearly left the door wide open to enacting the pact if elected.

Sessions, likely best-known nationwide for his hardcore stance against amnesty for undocumented immigrants and advocacy for harsher immigration policies, endorsed Trump in February, praising the New York billionaire's anti-immigrant rhetoric.

“You have asked for 30 years, and politicians have promised for 30 years, to fix illegal immigration,” Sessions at a rally in Madison, Alabama, attended by thousands of people, reported The Wall Street Journal. “We have an opportunity Tuesday—it may be the last opportunity we have—for the people’s voice to be heard.”

Sessions mentioned foreign policy as a major difference between Trump and Clinton, but didn't elaborate in the USA Today op-ed.

Meanwhile, Trump has been vocal about his opposition to Clinton's hawkish foreign policy.

“On foreign policy, Hillary is trigger happy,” Trump told a crowd at a rally in Lynden, Washington, on May 7 reported The Intercept. “She is, she’s trigger happy. She’s got a bad temperament. Her decisions in Iraq, Syria, Egypt, Libya have cost trillions of dollars, thousands of lives and have totally unleashed ISIS.”

Sources: USA Today, The Wall Street Journal, The Intercept / Photo Credit: Gage Skidmore/Flickr

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