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Alabama Republican Trying to Ban Toni Morrison Book From Schools

Alabama State Senator Bill Holtzclaw (R) wants to ban Toni Morrison's novel "The Bluest Eye" from public schools.

The book is part of the 11th grade reading list for Common Core, which are proposed education standards that state Republicans oppose because they think Common Core came from the federal government.

However, Common Core is actually a bipartisan project in which governors and state school superintendents brought in experts to write a set of educational standards.

"The book is just completely objectionable, from language to the content," Holtzclaw told the Alabama Media Group.

Some schools and libraries have been trying to ban "The Bluest Eye" since its 1970 publication because it includes a rape scene and the fantasies of a pedophile.

The conservative website recently posted edited versions of some parts of the book with the caption: "(WARNING: Graphic) Common Core Approved Child Pornography").

The book is about a year in the life of a young black girl, who develops an inferiority complex in mostly-white Lorain, Ohio, during and following the Great Depression. The book deals with racism, incest and child molestation.

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