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Alabama Politician Might Run for Congress From Prison

Stephen Nodine, the former County Commissioner from Mobile, Al., is a convicted felon. He is also considering running for Alabama’s first congressional district.

Nodine has been on trial for three years for the murder of his mistress. The married commissioner had been having an affair with Angel Downs for six years when in 2010 he was indicted for her murder. Though the jury never reached a final verdict on whether Downs had been murdered or committed suicide, Nodine accepted a plea bargain for the lesser charges of felony perjury and a gun offense.

The 50-year-old Republican public servant spends his nights in prison and his days on work release, pleading his innocence over social media.

Earlier today, Nodine announced in an email his intent to fill Alabama’s first congressional district seat in the House of Representatives, now vacant following Rep. Jo Bonner’s resignation. “I know some will be skeptical of my interest in this congressional race after wrongfully being accused of crimes, drug abuse and personal mistakes,” the email states. “All I ask is for a second chance to serve the citizens of South Alabama.”

Unfortunately, cases like those of Stephen Nodine are far from rare. The former Mayor of Washington D.C., Marion Berry, was videotaped smoking crack with a prostitute and sentenced to two years in federal prison. While in prison, he ran for city council, won in a landslide, and was reelected as mayor just two years later. His campaign slogan went, “He may not be perfect, but he’s perfect for D.C.” What this says about politics in D.C. is one thing, but it is up to voters of Alabama to decide if the same may be said of Stephen Nodine.

Sources: Daily Caller


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