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Alabama Mayor Denies Using N-Word, Screenshot Surfaces

Midland City, Alabama Mayor Patsy Capshaw Skipper denied on Aug. 25 that she wrote the n-word on her Facebook page after losing to a black candidate, JoAnn Bennett Grimsley, on Aug. 23.

Raw Story posted a screenshot that shows a Facebook user asking Skipper how the election was going, and the response from Skipper's account: "I lost. The n-------- won."

The other Facebook user didn't express shock by the comment, but replied: "I'm so sorry."

"My Facebook has been messed up for several weeks and I haven’t been using it," Skipper told the Dothan Eagle. "I think I’ve been hacked."

Skipper said that she recently had heart surgery, was not able to campaign and added: "And that, my Facebook, has been the least of my worries."

The posting was removed from Skipper’s Facebook page on Aug. 25, but Skipper's timeline is currently private (after 2015) so there's no way to verify if there were any other posts during the same time period that the page was allegedly hacked.

Skipper was asked how she felt about Grimsley, the town's first African-American mayor, and said: "I hope she does a great job for the city and I am very happy for her."

Skipper’s husband, Virgil, who was the mayor in 2012, chose not to reappoint Grimsley to her local government position.

Arlissa Minniefield, a former magistrate for the town, shared the controversial Facebook posting and demanded that Skipper immediately resign.

"It’s appalling," Minniefield told the Dothan Eagle. "As a former employee there, to know that you worked under people that had those kinds of feelings is very disheartening."

"It’s ridiculous now, ridiculous, and this is who is representing me?" Midland City Councilman George Williams told WTVY. "Come on. Get real. I really don’t understand her thought process, how you could say something like that in 2016."

According to Williams, city council members want to talk to Skipper about the posting: "I don’t think anyone has been able to get with her, but if she were ever to appear she will be talked to."

Sources: Raw Story, Dothan Eagle, WTVY / Photo Credit: Patsy Capshaw Skipper/Facebook

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