Alabama GOP Chairman Bill Armistead Recommends Anti-Obama Smear Film 'Dreams From My Real Father'

Speaking to a GOP women’s group, this week, Alabama GOP chairman Bill Armistead recommended 'Dreams From My Real Father,' a movie which claims President Obama’s real father is American labor activist Frank Marshall Davis, reports RightWingWatch.org.

According to the film's director Joel Gilbert: "'Dreams From My Real Father' presents the case that Frank Marshall Davis, a Communist Party USA organizer and propagandist, was Obama's real father, both biological and ideological, and indoctrinated Obama with a political foundation in Marxism and an anti-White world view.”

World Net Daily reported that Gilbert has sent 1 million copies of the film to home sin Ohio and plans to send 1 million more to swing states.

Gilbert has attacked media for ignoring his film, which Gilbert claims they’re doing “because they support national health care.”


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