Alabama GOP Candidate Shoots Obamacare with Guns (Video)


Approximately 10 million uninsured Americans have gotten health care coverage via Obamacare from online exchanges and expanded Medicaid.

However, if Will Brooke, an Alabama congressional candidate, gets his way those ten million Americans will lose their coverage.

Burke, who is running in a Republican primary to replace Rep. Spencer Bachus (R-Ala.), recently aired an ad in which he uses a rifle to shoot a printed copy of Obamacare (video below), reports The Daily Caller.

"We're down here to have a little fun and talk about two serious subjects," Brooke states in the ad, notes

"The Second Amendment and how much damage we can do to this copy of Obamacare," adds Brooke.

He proudly shoots Obamacare with a rifle and pistol.

“Well we had some fun and knocked some holes in it,” says Brooke. “But we didn’t quite get the job done. Looks like we’ll have to resort to more extreme measures to get rid of Obamacare and replace it with a market-based solution.”

Brooke then feeds Obamacare into a wood chipper.

Sources: The Daily Caller and


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