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Lawyer Of Alabama Supreme Court Justice Pens Scathing Critique Of Same-Sex Marriage

A lawyer who works for Alabama Supreme Court Chief Justice Roy Moore wrote a letter that is thought to be directed at Alabama Gov. Robert Bentley.

The letter indirectly criticizes the governor for saying the state will obey the U.S. Supreme Court ruling that disallowed states from banning same-sex marriage.

The letter was written by Win Johnson, the top lawyer for Chief Justice Roy Moore, according to The New Civil Rights Movement. While the letter never explicitly names Bentley, the governor’s Communication Director Jennifer Ardis said it was directed at him.

The letter says, “Public officials are ministers of God assigned the duty of punishing the wicked and protecting the righteous. You cannot serve two masters: you must pick — God or Satan.”

“The criminal laws against homosexual sodomy are for the protection of the righteous, particularly the young, the weak, the vulnerable, who need the law to teach them right from wrong when in a vulnerable state,” Johnson wrote. “The U.S. Supreme Court … cannot take something that God calls a crime and declare it not a crime.”

The letter asks of public officials whether they would “stand up for the law of Alabama, for the people, for the weak and vulnerable, for the law of God? Or will you capitulate? Will you become complicit in the takeover by the wicked?”

Johnson said the letter was not actually directed at the governor, but to all public officials. When asked to which other officials he had sent the letter, he said he could not immediately recall but had posted it on his Facebook page.

When it was pointed out that he had used the word ‘official’ singularly, Johnson said that he should have used ‘officials.’

Johnson said he believes he wrote the letter before he knew the governor had told reporters the state will follow the law, but he wrote: “I must follow the law,' you say. Law? What law? There is no law anymore, there's just opinion … There is tyranny. There is chaos. But there is no law.”

The letter ends by urging elected officials to disobey the Supreme Court’s ruling. “What can you do? You have authority as an elected official. You also are sworn to uphold the U.S. Constitution and Alabama Constitution. Find a way to do so. Don't acquiesce to the takeover (actually the takedown)!”

Johnson concludes by encouraging, "use your authority and every legal angle to oppose the tyrants! If necessary, just say, ‘No.’”

Sources: The Huntsville Times, The New Civil Rights Movement

Photo Credit: Screenshot via CNN


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