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Al-Qaeda is Anyone 'Like-Minded' Says Ex-NSA Head Michael Hayden (Video)

Retired general and former NSA boss Michael Hayden has always supported spying on law-abiding Americans without warrants on the premise that such information can be used to stop members of the terrorist group al-Qaeda.

During a recent interview with Fox News, Hayden was asked about a recent report by The New York Times that did not find any al-Qaeda members involved in the Benghazi terrorist attack.

According to, Hayden disputed that claim by suddenly creating new levels of al-Qaeda, which included anyone who is "like-minded."

"Al-Qaeda is organized kind of into three movements, al-Qaeda Prime, al-Qaeda affiliated and like-minded," stated Hayden.

After creating his different categories, Hayden added, "I said a couple of days after the attack this was almost certainly either high-end like-minded or low-end affiliated."

When asked if The New York Times was wrong about "no al-Qaeda connections," Hayden went back to his unsupported claims and new definitions.

"You know, it depends on your meaning of the word al-Qaeda and I think if you take it back to my argument about angels on the head of a pin," stated Hayden. "If you take that narrow theological definition. Look, no one has suggested that somebody with al-Qaeda was sending detailed instructions to somebody in Benghazi. My final point John, is really important and it's about the broader narrative, alright?"

During another interview, with USA Today, Hayden blamed the outrage of millions of Americans, who do not want to be spied on by the NSA, on Edward Snowden who “stirred up the crowd.”

Hayden falsely claimed there have not been any spying abuses committed by the NSA, which the NSA itself has admitted to, noted Bloomberg News (video below).

“Right now, since there have been no abuses and almost all the court decisions on this program have held that it’s constitutional, I really don’t know what problem we’re trying to solve by changing how we do this,” said Hayden.

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