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Airman Casey Widener Not Allowed To Escort Sister To Prom

After declaring that a member of the Air Force could not escort his sister to prom because he was too old, a Kansas school district might be rethinking its decision.

The town of Liberal decided that 22-year-old Casey Widener, who happened to be home from his deployment from Afghanistan over prom weekend, could not go to the event with his sister Courtney, Fox News reported.

Courtney voiced her displeasure about the incident in an essay she wrote to a local newspaper. An excerpt from her letter is below:

“My brother is in the United States Air Force and just recently returned from a deployment to Afghanistan, I have only seen him once since he returned home. I knew that my brother was too old to attend the prom, but I was hoping he would at least be able to escort me down the ‘red carpet’ without going inside. I went to school the next day, and I could hardly contain my excitement – not only was my hero coming home, but he was also going to escort me to my first prom.

She continues:

“Knowing how strict our prom rules could be, I decided that it would probably be best if I asked our principal for permission. After asking one of our assistant principals, and explaining my situation, she said that she would run it by our head principal but didn’t see a problem with it. Early the next day, I received the news that it wasn’t approved because, ‘It would open doors for others.’ I was really shocked at the news for many reasons, I knew that he was too old, but I also know of more questionable people who were actually attending the prom. Not only that, but this is my brother’s alma mater, he graduated from Liberal High School in 2009 and joined the military shortly after, and for some reason unknown to me, he was no longer welcome.”

Keith Adams, the principal of Liberal High School, wrote a reply to Courtney’s letter. In it, he thanked her brother for his service but also reminded people that the rules are in place for a reason. “Rules are not meant to ‘dishonor’ anyone,” he wrote. “They are in place to give order to a process.”

He continued:

“It is unfortunate that her letter, along with other slanderous propaganda posted on social media has brought false accusations against our district and taken away from the true purpose of the prom Please do not vilify our school and administration for doing their jobs. Hurling negative comments around the community and social media does nothing but tear us apart.”

Both sides met about the incident on Monday afternoon and a change in policy could be on the way.

Sources: Fox News, Leader & Times


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