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African-American Woman Tells Reince Priebus, Newt Gingrich GOP Ignores Black Minority (Video)

During the Q&A session at the Republican National Committee Summer Meeting on Wednesday, an African-American woman stood to confront Newt Gingrich and Reince Priebus for not addressing her community.

“Everybody’s talking about Hispanics, but African-Americans built this country, and continue to be ignored by everybody,” she said. “I don’t hear [African-American] voices resonating.”

The woman noted that because Hispanics are now the greatest minority, African-Americans are being “pushed to the bottom” of political agendas.

She added that she sees America’s future in the Egyptian and Iranian revolutions, where the young and the unemployed rebel against their leaders.

“Are you really listening to the people who are being pushed down, who are being disenfranchised, who don’t have a pot to whatever in and a window to throw it out of?” she said.

Gingrich responded that the Republican Party should be in the business of liberating every African-American, every Asian-American, every Latino-American, small business man or woman.

Gingrich also praised Priebus, the RNC chairperson, for doing the best job of any chairperson to reach out, especially to the states.

“Those of you who are chairmen and executive directors can pick up of the rhythm of what he’s trying to do in reaching out to every American of every background,” Gingrich said.

Gingrich also predicted that the GOP will be in dramatically better shape by the fall of 2014.

Sources: Mediaite, Raw Story


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