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Afghan Women Worse off Since Taliban Removed from Power

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From Brave New Films today:

Eight years have passed since Laura Bush declared that
“because of our recent military gains, women are no longer imprisoned
in their homes” in Afghanistan. For eight years, that claim has been a
lie.The fact is that life for women in Afghanistan has gotten worse
since the Taliban were removed from power. Once they chafed under the
slavish conditions the Taliban imposed on their daily lives. Today they suffer under the exact same conditions,
this time under the rule of the regime of warlords put in place by the
U.S.-led coalition. And in addition to this oppression, women in
Afghanistan are forced to cope with war.Some well-meaning Westerners believe that the U.S. military
occupation of Afghanistan benefits Afghan women. But the truth is that
American military escalation will not liberate the women of
Afghanistan. Instead, it will bring only more war – the hardships of
which are always suffered disproportionately by women. With the risk of
death outside their doorsteps, Afghan women are confined to their homes
to an even greater extent than under the Taliban. More and more women
are being forced by war into prostitution, often for a clientele of
foreign troops. Self-immolation among Afghan women today is at an
all-time high. This war is doing more to destroy women’s lives than the
Taliban ever was able to.

Take Action: Sign CODEPINK’s petition calling for REAL Leadership for the women of Afghanistan. Tell Congress to send development, not more troops to Afghanistan.


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